Shefins Presidium

Shefins Group Manipal is into various proactive activities since 1998, especially in printing sector and empowering the people in their learning activities. We have well trained and experienced team of trainers to support the schools and colleges to develop in each and every step of their growth.

Skill Development Programmes are very much required in the present scenario for the overall development of every individual, which leads to the development of the organization and to the society and thus to the nation.

Shefins has designed and developed various programmes for the development of schools/ colleges. Here is the gist of few of them.

Business Outlook

Business ad Branding Consultation

Branding is a marketing practice in which a company creates a name, symbol or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company. This helps to identify a product and distinguish it from other products and services.

Soft Skills Training

We have various corporate training programmes for business organisations which includes
  • Employee’s empowerment programmes
  • Management Consultations
  • Overall Consultation etc.

Shefins English Apex-free Spoken English Training Programme for rural children

As we all know, English is very much essential language nowadays. Speaking in English improves the confidence level of an individual. The statistics say a good number of graduates of Karnataka are unemployable due to lack of English communication skills.

Our Kannada medium students need to be empowered with Spoken English to help them in their future studies and career.

We, Shefins Manipal, with an experience of 22 years in the field of service and 9 years in the field of Spoken English training, come up with a great plan of training Kannada Medium Students and graduate ladies, with Spoken English. We expect your whole hearted co-operation for the above said project.


How we do?

  • We anticipate the support from NGOs/ Clubs/ Corporates/ Companies/ Religious organizations and kind hearted individuals to sponsor the project.
  • We train graduate ladies and housewives with Spoken English.
  • We train students with the help of these trained ladies.

Our Goal: To Empower 2 Lakh Students and 2000+ Ladies this year with Spoken English

How the ladies are trained? (Women Empowerment) ENGLISH INTERN

  • There will be 1 week ‘Train the Trainer Programme’, along with spoken English training, nearer to the places where around 30-50 ladies can gather.
  • Later, they will get the follow up classes, one day in every month till the end of the project.
  • Lessons, tips and follow-ups through whatsapp daily, till the end of the project.
  • Two Certificates, one for attending English Intern and other for English Walnut Intern (training the students) will be provided.

How the students are empowered? ENGLISH WALNUT

  • Above said intern will conduct spoken English classes for 2 days in a week (1 hour each)
  • Class can be conducted anywhere (in School, In a hall, in somebody’s house, or under a tree) and any time during the day, as per the convenient of both the intern and students.
  • Books, study materials and Participation Certificates (English Walnut) will be provided for all students.

When will this be implemented?

* The intern’s training will start during the 3rd week of October.

* Classes for students will commence immediately after the training of each batch.

* This year’s commitment will go up to May 31, 2020.

Permission to Conduct the Classes

Shefins has got permission from the DDPI of Udupi District for conducting the classes in the schools of Udupi District

What we Expect from the clubs?

  • Our expectation from a club is to sponsor this project by adopting any schools, any group of students, by paying the material charges at Rs. 150/- per student which is inclusive of everything.
  • You may please refer graduate ladies of your location, teachers of any schools, with or without English Proficiency to be the trainers for this project, if you come across.
  • You may please identify any schools/ any group of students to become beneficiaries of this project, if you wish.

Benefits for you

  • A CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Project.
  • Satisfaction of Training underprivileged Students.
  • Joining hands with Women Empowerment.
  • Credibility of Joint Venture.
  • Inauguration/ Valediction can be done as per the clubs protocol.
  • Wide publicity can be given.
  • Permanent board can be installed in front of the school till the end of this project.




For further information, please feel free to contact/whatsapp me as per the contact given below.

Help us to help the rural children

For info please feel free to contact: 90084 18534 | 94493 68305